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Sue Sutton

Sue Sutton - KWL Receptionist

KWL Receptionist


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How long have you been at KWL?  Has anything changed since you started?

I started in 2007 in a temporary role as Gas Administrator and then I worked at different KWL depots as PA to Managers until being made permanent as Receptionist in June 2009. The was given the chance to make the role my own and bring my skills and abilities to support KWL staff and Managers and make the function of reception a more diverse position.

How is it going so far? Are there any differences with your previous job? 

Due to the new location and new ‘face’ of KWL it has given me more opportunities to communicate to potential customers and clients what KWL is all about. It’s great to be in the new building.

I used to work as a PA for a Senior Partner in a local Law firm so working for KWL in my current capacity is a complete change – but a deliberate one due to my new extended family!  I learnt a lot of my skills and attributes from my previous role and this helped me to develop the reception role for KWL.

What does your job entail and how does this aid KWL’s communication with its customers?

I am the first point of contact for customers and clients either by telephone/email or face to face contact. It is often comforting to customers and clients that they can see and interact with a familiar face and trust their communication will be put forward to the right person and that they will receive a first class service. I also help with internal and external events for the company.

Do customers often contact KWL direct and by what other means can a customer get in touch with KWL?

Customers can contact KWL in various communications i.e. website, email or the most popular is by telephone.  Due to our relocation we also get a lot of customers dropping by at Kingswood.  The new building and re branding has opened up more business opportunities for the company.

What is KWL’s commitment to its customers and what advice do you give to customers enquiring about the services KWL provides? 

I always try to give the best advice I can or refer the customer on to the relevant service area Supervisor.  KWL’s commitment to its customers is to provide customer focussed, high quality comprehensive maintenance, repair and construction services utilising a combination of directly employed labour and collaboration with construction partners. 

What do you enjoy most about working at KWL?

Definitely the people!  Everyone here is friendly even on a Monday morning!  We are all willing to help each other out if needed and pull together – like a family unit!