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Pete Clayphan

Pete Clayphan - Empty Properties Supervisor

Empty Properties Supervisor


01482 614099

How long have you been at KWL?  Has anything changed since you started?

I‘ve worked at KWL since the company first started, but  prior to that I worked for  Hull City Services part of Hull City Council in a similar role. The job has changed dramatically with implementation of hand held PDA’s, multi skilling of operatives which has allowed trades sharing vehicles and therefore reduced the environmental impact of KWL. Also, completing planned works to properties around the new tenant.

How is it going so far? Are there any differences with your previous job?

I find my job role at KWL challenging and satisfying, especially when you bring a property with major works required up to the lettable standard.
The difference between my current role and that with Hull City Council is that my role is always changing/evolving allowing skills to progress.  

What does your job entail?

My Job includes carrying out a property survey on new empty properties. Organise work/materials and complete all building works and return the keys to the estate offices for re-letting. I also get involved with the planned kitchens around the new tenants.   

Have you come across any unusual circumstances when tenants have left their properties?

I have dealt with many sensitive issues regarding properties. I once picked up keys to a new empty property to find the previous tenant asleep in the living room, after a discussion he left the property. I quickly changed the locks and carried out the property survey!!!

What is the turn around for an empty property and what other agencies/teams does it involve?

The turnaround time for an empty property is on average less than 15 days. Rapid turnaround maximises the availability of properties to the benefit of the land lord and tenants. The empty property team includes all building trades and contractors, and the section works closely with the housing estate offices, sheltered housing, adaptations and disabled aids teams. We are currently starting a new contract with Riverside Housing Trust who has taken over the running of North Bransholme properties. 

What do you enjoy most about working at KWL?

That’s a difficult question. I enjoy the excellent working relationships with the banter between employees and the team work within KWL, I  also enjoy the fact the job is constantly changing therefore there is no chance of me becoming bored with my position. Also, the satisfaction when you return keys to a property that has had to be virtually rebuilt from a shell to a lettable home within target times.