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Paul Cockerline

Paul Cockerline - Electrical Supervisor

Electrical Supervisor


01482 614099

How long have you been at KWL? Has anything changed since you started?

I started back in December 2007 as an Electrical Supervisor. One of the first changes was the introduction of the PDA’s which are a great tool in processing work orders and aiding KWL meet targets. The PDA’s also help to reduce paperwork.

How is it going so far? Are there any differences with your previous job?

My previous job was a site electrician at a local school so now I am more involved in an electrical capacity. 

The move to the new KWL building I feel is very beneficial to all staff as we are all under one roof which makes it easier to have staff meetings and address any issues that need sorting with other service areas. 

What does your job entail and what’s new with electrical?

I supervise the more ‘domestic’ side to the electrical repairs in houses and flats for example rather than main events like Hull Fair and the Christmas lights.

The regulations for electrical work are updated all the time and it is part of the Electrical Supervisor’s job to be ahead of all the changes and put them into action with our daily repairs and maintenance programme especially the British Electrical Standards and Health and Safety

KWL is actively involved in supporting local teams and communities with sports initiatives and local events - what has your involvement been with that?

I am the Chairman for TST Tigers under 14’s football team and have followed the team through from being the under 10’s. The team has won the top league (Myton Cup) for the last two years and are doing really well.  KWL supported the team and sponsored the transport for one of the main cup finals which enabled the parents to get there together with the team and enjoy the atmosphere of the team spirit. 

What do you enjoy most about working at KWL?

I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the good working relationship I have with the electrical team – we are always willing to help each other out.