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Ian Livingstone

Ian Livingstone - ICT Manager

ICT Manager


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How long have you been at KWL?  Has anything changed since you started?

I’ve been at KWL since KWL first started but I have worked with some of the people at KWL for 26 years now!  I’m bound to say that there have been some dramatic changes implemented since I started at KWL. Changes centring on integration, automation and the use of PDA technology to cut down on manual entry and duplication to drive efficiency and value for money forward .

How is it going so far? Are there any differences with your previous job?

I find the work that I am doing at KWL and the work I had already done to be extremely rewarding and very satisfying.  I especially love that if we decide to do something we can go ahead and do it.  Entrepreneurial skills are nurtured and encouraged in such a way that things get done in an innovative and satisfying way.  Innovation was certainly present in my previous job but change was more difficult due to its size.  I likened change as being similar to altering course in a supertanker, you can do it but it takes a long time! 

What does your job entail and what tools do you use?

I’m Manager of everything IT.  This includes the design and development of our ICT systems, the ICT Strategy and giving advice and guidance on all things IT.  Primarily I ensure that the PC’s work on people’s desks, emails can be sent and received, our systems do what’s required of them, the information is secure and our PDA’s function as they should.  As ICT is a fast moving area I also keep a close watch on the latest developments in the world, constantly evaluating whether it is something we can use to benefit the business.  It may sound complicated but I’m greatly helped by having an interest in the subject, though I’m not a ‘geek’ I hasten to add!

What’s new with ICT?

The systems we work on are changing all the time as new challenges and requirements are found and met.  Perhaps the biggest change has been the requirement to be able to report on performance quickly which drives the need to communicate as soon as it happens.  Measures can then be put in place to proactively alert Supervisors to potential problems before they actually occur. 

What projects are you currently working on?  Is there a project that has exceeded your expectations recently?

I’m working on pretty much all the projects we currently have going in some shape or form.  Most projects have an ICT element to them and therefore all projects are linked by ICT.  The most important project has been the introduction of our mobile system Mocom to front our back office Commit system.  Once we had built the technology foundation for Mocom and other elemental building blocks such as Webcom, Intercom and Intranet it became relatively straight forward to build on these blocks.  I’m pleased to say that we have now far exceeded our original expectations.

The company has been successful in winning local and national Awards – what was your involvement with that?

We have won both local and national ICT awards for the work we have been doing around Commit, Mocom and Intercom.  I was the lead in all the submissions and it’s very rewarding to find that the ICT work we do is now acclaimed and recognised both locally and nationally.

What do you enjoy most about working at KWL?

That’s a difficult question for me.  I enjoy pretty much everything I do as well as the trust placed in me to do a good job.  If I was pushed for one answer though then I’d say it has to be the excellent working relationships I have with the rest of employees including the teamwork and the friendly atmosphere.